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Prayer Class Activities - 2013

Navjote, the initiation of a Parsi into the fold of Zoroastrianism.
The initiation of a Parsi child into the fold of the Zoroastrian religion is known as Navjote. The ceremony of the initiation consists of the investiture of the child with a sacred shirt called sudre and a sacred thread called kusti. A Zoroastrian may put on any dress he likes, but he must put on the sacred shirt and the thread as the symbol and badge of his religion.
ZANZ held prayer classes for our community children every first Saturday of the month from February 2013 to November 2013.
Our volunteers Mana Vazifdar, Thrity Mistry, Tehmus Mistry & Minoo Siganporia have devoted one Saturday of each month to the service of our Zoroastrian community.
ZANZ heartily thanks them for the effort and dedication.
The prayer class is held at Te Tuhi from 4.30pm to 6.30pm. The classes starts off with the hum-bandagi followed by the kusti prayers and two monajats "Khudavind Khavind" and "Chhaiye Hame Zarathosti". The class is then segregated into pre-navjote and post-navjote groups.
Pre-Navjote :
The children are taught the Kusti prayers (alongwith how to tie the kusti), Din no Kalmo, Dua-Tandarosti, 101 names of Ahura Mazda, 30 days of a month & 12 months of a year. Short stories are also sometimes narrated to the children.
The children are imparted with the knowledge of our ancestral history, significance of some religious ceremonies and dateline of our religion etc.
We encourage parents to send their children regularly to these prayer classes to help our future generation grow with full knowledge of their religion.
ZANZ would like to thank all our volunteers who selflessly devoted their time towards the religious education of our children.
If you know of anyone who would like to send their children to these prayer classes, kindly contact any of the committee members. ZANZ prayer classes are open to all Zoroastrians, irrespective of membership.
The schedule of prayer classes for the year 2014 is on the ZANZ website under "Activities".
Kind Regards,
ZANZ Management Committee.

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