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Events 2013

Date 21st March 2013
Event ZANZ Navroze Jashan
Venue Te Tuhi
Description Nearly one hundred people attended the ZANZ Jamshedi Navroze Jashan on 21st March 2013 at Te Tuhi, The Mark. The ZANZ Management Committee would like to thank Jamsheed Tata, Khushru Master, Karan and Riyasp Bhandari and Rishad Katki for performing the Jashan.

We would also like to thank Darius Mistry, Kashmira Amrolia, Rustom Dubash, Ronnie Sethna and Gulshan Vagal for making monetary donations towards the Jashan. Thanks to Tehmus Mistry for donating flowers.

The Jashan was followed by the sharing of chasni which was generously brought by Khorshed Tukina, Shernaz Kapadia, Benifer Irani, Yasmin Karani, Tanaz Patrawala, Pervin Contractor, Cyrus and Nilufer Khambatta, Faranak Kabir, Havovi Chhor, Hufrish Mehta, Thrity Mistry and Tenaz Irani. If we have missed naming anyone, we apologise but truly appreciate your kind donation.

Kind Regards,

ZANZ Management Committee


Date 24th March 2013
Event ZANZ Navroze Lunch
Venue Observatory Restaurant
Description ZANZ organised a Navroze lunch at the Observatory Restaurant at Skycity on Sunday, 24th March 2013. Those that attended dined on a scrumptious buffet while enjoying breath-taking views of Auckland city. The children (and many adults) did justice to the dessert bar, often going back for seconds, thirds, and fourths.

Homi and Zenobia Daruwalla were the lucky winners of the ZANZ raffle. Everyone went away with smiles on their faces and full stomachs.

We thank all those who attended for supporting ZANZ.

Kind Regards,
ZANZ Management Committee


Date 22nd June 2013
Venue Te Tuhi Social Room
Description The minutes of the ZANZ AGM can be obtained by emailing the ZANZ Committee on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Kindly note, the meeting minutes will be emailed/distributed to ZANZ members only.

Date 17th August 2013
Event ZANZ New Year Function
Venue Howick Recreation Centre
Description This year was a special one. Having ticked off numerous goals we knew we were half way there.
The Zoroastrian Youth of New Zealand (ZYNZ) kept aside their dresses, suits and ties and kicked it back with their sports shoes, rugby jerseys and sweat bands for their fourth fundraiser of the year. On August 17, 2013, the ZYNZ hosted the ZANZ and ZYNZ August New Year Function, 'Dinner with the Stars'. A sport's theme New Year celebration that attracted our Schumachers, Balboas, Messis and Pontings from all over Auckland to strut their stuff at the Howick Recreation Gym in Pakuranga (or Parsi-ranga which it is sometimes called).
The adults put their feet up with dinner and drinks while the kids enjoyed shooting hoops and having a swing with the cricket bat. There were spot prizes and best dressed prizes to be won, followed by a sports trivia and some dancing.
All in all, fundraiser was yet another success and it wouldn't have been possible with the help and support from our community.
Tinaz, Nazneen and Roxanne

Date 18th August 2013
Event ZANZ New Year Jashan
Venue The Nixon Community Hall
Description Dear Friends,

The members of the community attended the ZANZ Parsi New Year Jashan on the 18th of August 2013 at The Nixon Community Hall, 70 Sale Street, Howick.

The ZANZ Management Committee would like to thank Viraf Fatakia, Jamsheed Tata, Khushru Master, Freddy Dastur, Riyasp Bhandari, Karan Bhandari, Navzad Chhor, Parzaan Mehta, Zariab Karkaria and Behzad Karkaria for performing the Jashan.

We would also like to thank Yezdi Amrolia, Hutoxi Kateli, Havovi Chhor, Goolu Balsara, Gulshan Vagal and an anonymous donor for their monitory donations.

Also a big thank you to all volunteers who donated papris, bhakras, sev, malido and ravo for the jashan, which everyone enjoyed.

The community spirit was alive and apparent at this Jashan and we hope to have many more like it.

Kind Regards,

ZANZ Management Committee


Date 21st September 2013
Venue Te Tuhi - Social Room
Description The minutes of the ZANZ EGM can be obtained by emailing the ZANZ Committee on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Kindly note, the meeting minutes will be emailed / distributed to current ZANZ members only.

Date 6th October 2013
Event ZANZ Badminton Tournament
Venue Howick Recreation Centre
Description Dear ZANZ members and friends,

The ZANZ Management Committee would like to thank all the participants and spectators who joined us for the ZANZ Badminton tournament on Sunday 6th October 2013. This tournament featured Juniors, Men’s Singles, Women’s Singles and Mixed Doubles.

This event was hugely popular and right from the beginning participants started showing their skills and interest in the game on the courts. The response for mixed doubles was so huge that we had to do a redraw.

The tournament also featured a bit of an upset when the defending champion Shahnoor Contractor was defeated in the round-robin draw by Shahazad Contractor. However he prevailed in the end and won the singles for the fourth year in a row.

Our congratulations to the following winners and runners-up in their respective categories:

Junior Singles:

Winner: Freyana Kaikobadi (15-12, 21-19)

Runners-Up: Reshad Contractor

Men’s Singles:

Winner: Shahanoor Contractor (15-3)

Runners-Up: Shahazad Contractor

Women’s Singles:

Winner: Jarafshan Mistry (15-12, 8-15, 15-8)

Runner-Ups: Ferzin Irani

Mixed Doubles:

Winner: Shahanoor Contractor & Cyrus Daji (15-8, 17-15)

Runners-Up: Nivzer Dadabhoy & Merzi Amrolia

In the end a prize winning ceremony was held where all the winners and runners-up were given awards of chocolates to gorge on and revive their energy levels.

We would like to thank all the volunteers who were there to help us out with referring the games. The youths had also put up food stalls selling yummy cutlets and muffins which also enabled them to collect funds for the 6th World Zoroastrian Youth Congress, being hosted by ZANZ in December 2015.

Support ZANZ! This is YOUR organisation, we’re just the facilitators.

Kind Regards,

ZANZ Managing Committee


Date 12th October 2013
Event ZANZ Dandiya & Garba Night
Venue Bucklands Beach War Memorial Hall
Description Even the cold winds and the drizzle of raindrops could not keep away some of the Bawa and Guju enthusiasts who were out to have fun and frolic and play Dandiya Raas aneh Garba on the dhamalih Nite of majja and masti and surely khavaa peevanu. The rhythmic Gujarati Dandiya and Garba dances that have travelled from Indian shores to countries all over the world, New Zealand included, heralds the onset of Dusshera and Diwali celebrations.

Collecting funds for the World Zoroastrian Youth Congress to be hosted in 2015 in Auckland, New Zealand is on in full swing and every drop in the ocean counts. The march to the D-day continues by aprah wallah Youth with a series of events to build up the piggy bank. So, this was the event where Youth had yummy Indian Food stalls.

Benifer Irani, one of the members of ZANZ Managing Committee took the initiative of organising the festive, Chalo Dandiya raas aneh Garba dance for the Zoroastrians of Auckland, giving the youth an opportunity to host the food stalls. It was held at the Bucklands Beach Community Hall on Saturday, 12th October 2013 from 7.30 p.m. till late night. Though before the bawas could get their sticks together, they promptly made a beeline for the delicious pani puri and bhel puri made by Daliah Kermani. There was loads of gajar halwa, yummy samosas and pav bahji to feast on as well. We would like to thank the Donors on behalf of our Youth…... Daliah Kermani, Tanaz Siganporia, Khushnuma Balsara, Karmin Sukhia, Pervin Medhora, Nazneen Sukhia for donating food and assisting in their fund raising.

Some of the young ladies came in their glittering best and added some more shine to the dance floor. Spot prizes were distributed for Best Dressed Fatakroh Male, where there was a tie between Viraf Todywalla & Ketan Trivedi and Best Dressed Fatakrih Female – Nazneen Daruwalla.

D J Jolly played some foot-tapping disco dandiya tunes and really dhinchaak music which was a great fitness routine and an excuse to have some more fun, just the way we love it. Prize for Best Dancing Dhinchaak Couple on the dance floor went to Neville and Preeti.

It was surely a joyous, masti aneh majja wallih evening with loads of khavaa peevanu. So Chalo aveh next year dhinchaak music aneh Dandiya Garba sathe dhamaal karsu.

Support ZANZ and aprah wallah Youth !! As this is YOUR organisation who brings series of events and we are just the Facilitators !!

Malyeah and duvah with fondest wishes,

ZANZ Managing Committee


Date 14th December 2013
Event ZANZ Children's Christmas Party
Venue Jump NZ - East Tamaki Heights
Description ZANZ held the Children's Christmas Party on 14th December 2013 at Jump NZ – East Tamaki Heights.

It was an enjoyable afternoon for the kids and a few parents who had come along.

The children enjoyed themselves jumping on the trampolines and doing great stunts and then one of the enthusiastic volunteer also gave a try on the trampolines and thoroughly enjoyed !!

There was finger food and soft drinks to gulp down after an adventurous afternoon.

Finally Santa came along with its Rudolph and gave away prezzies.

All children got a surprise gift (Christmas tree with decorations), from our generous donor Darius Karani and an anonymous donor gave chocolates for all children who came.

A Big thank you to all the volunteers and Santa Clause and Rudolf.

Kind Regards,
ZANZ Managing Committee.

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