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Events - 2014

Date 22nd February 2014
Event ZANZ Volleyball and Throwball Tournament
Venue Lloyd Elsmore Grounds
Description The Volley ball / Throw ball event was a considerable success.
Even though the early morning gave doubts if we could play the game because of the rains, even then, in the end it was a great game played by our participants.
Actually the day started with eating delicious cutlets pav, prepared by our very own Faranak Kabir – so when everyone's energy was refuelled, the game was On.
On account of the low turnout, we had two mixed (males and females) teams of 5 players each. It was quite a stiff game played by both teams giving the opposite side a run for the point. 5 games were played by the teams called "Rustom Baug" and "Dadar Parsi Colony"
The first three games featured a mix of volleyball and throwball, with the men in the team playing volleyball and the women throwball. The last two games featured both the teams playing throwball. Finally 'Rustom Baug' prevailed 9-15, 11-15, 15 - 13, 15 - 10 and 15-12. All participants got chocolates for their efforts.
ZANZ organizes these events for all our community people.
Do join in the fun and let's make future events more enjoyable.
Don't forget to book your tickets with any of the committee member, for the Navroze dinner to be held on 21st March 2014 do bring your friends along to enjoy the Friday night with family / friends.
Best regards,

Date 21st March 2014
Event ZANZ Jamshedi Navroze Jashan
Venue The Social Room, Te Tuhi
Description Jamshedi Navroze Jashan was held @ Te Tuhi, 13 Reeves Road, Pakuranga – Social Room at 4.00pm on Friday 21st of March.
Total 12 dasturs prayed in unison.
Ervad Viraf Fatakia & Ervad Jamsheed Tata lead the jashan alongwith Ervad Khushroo Master, Ervad Vaspan Raimalwala, Ervad Perzan Mehta, Ervad Riyasp Bhandari, Ervad Rishad Katki, Ervad Jehan Balsara, Ervad Navzad Chhor, Ervad Zariab Karkaria, Ervad Behzad Karkaria & Ervad Bakhtiyar Engineer.
We sincerely thank all those who made donations of sev, ravo, malido, mevo, papri & bhakhra and also, to those who donated monetarily.
It was heartwarming to see our community gather together for our religious ceremony.
Fondest Wishes,
ZANZ Management Committee

Date 21st March 2014
Event ZANZ Jamshedi Navroze Dinner
Venue Shanghai 1930 Restaurant
Description ZANZ held the Jamshedi Navroze Dinner on Friday the 21st of March 2014 at Shanghai-1930 restaurant.
It was the day when ZANZ announced the winners for the Scholarships. The recipient of this Scholarship was Riyasp Bhandari. ZANZ would like to see more applications in future.
WZO generously donated to ZANZ for the second Scholarship and its recipient was Karan Bhandari.
The attendees enjoyed the ambience of the restaurant along with the sumptuous food starting with ceaseless entrée followed by delectable mains & mouth watering mango kulfi / ice cream.
Raffle was played for a hamper and a few games for some prizes, to be won – which was kindly donated by Arkush Enterprise Limited (Benifer and Porus Irani) and Faranak Kabir.
Everyone danced to the music of the DJ which was generously organized by Darius Karani (owner of the restaurant).
It was a fun-filled evening for all our attendees.
Best wishes
ZANZ Management Committee

Date 27th April 2014
Event ZANZ Rocket Ropes
Venue Rocket Ropes, Auckland
Description Rocket Ropes is located near Auckland International Airport. ZANZ hosted this event and 19 kids participated in challenging activities such as climbing, long drop, and cargo net and also there were over 50 different activities, but ZANZ had organised Sunday Fundays activities only. These Challenges were happily done by our 19 Zarathushties kids in an half hour sessions for five people which put them out of their comfort zones and allowing them a taste of the wonders of the outdoors.
These ropes challenges were for all ability levels and our youngest, 6 year old Noshirwan Masani did all the activities right up to challenging some experienced climbers. All thoroughly enjoyed and then McDonald's Treat with McBites and Happy Meals, topped up with Ice cream cones, followed at Airport McDonald's outlet.
The weather conditions were just perfect to have such Sunday Funday challenges at Rocket Ropes. The kids also enjoyed viewing Dinosaurs path adjoining the long drop with Butterfly Creek facility.
As there was lot of interest, another lot of four people went the following Sunday to experience their climbing skills.
Parent's helpers too enjoyed their Sunday out. Perhaps another adventure was required and was longed for by all the kids.
Would like to sincerely thank, Benifer Irani who put in her efforts and transported some kids this Sunday Fundays Rocket Ropes event.
ZANZ would like to request parents to send their kids to such challenging, joyous and enjoyable events for one and all for which Managing Committee are just the Facilitators, but surely put in loads of efforts to organise and run the same.
Best wishes
ZANZ Managing Committee

Date 21st June 2014
Venue Te Tuhi Social Room

The minutes of the ZANZ AGM can be obtained by emailing the ZANZ Committee on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Kindly note, the meeting minutes will be emailed / distributed to ZANZ members only.

Date 7th September 2014
Event 6th World Zoroastrian Youth Congress Raffle Fundraiser
Venue Highland Park Community Centre

Dear Friends,

Many thanks to all of you for your support with our Raffle Fundraiser. We raised a total of $10,700, which brings us one step closer to meeting our financial goal for the 6th WZYC.

The draw was held on Sunday, 7th September 2014 at 11.30 am at Highland Park Community Centre.

Mr Paul J Phillips, JP, along with sponsors drew the winning tickets.

Congratulations to the winners:

1st prize – Natalie Au, ticket number 370

2nd prize – Kashmira Amrolia, ticket number 1570

3rd prize – Marama Herb, ticket number 2710

4th prize – Gopal Ayyar, ticket number 3201

5th prize – Anshu Mongia, ticket number 3413

We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank and acknowledge our Sponsors and Organisers, whom without which, the event would not have been made possible.


Sunny Anand from Travel 2000: $1500 Travel holiday to the Gold Coast

Rumy Balsara from Starlight Enterprises: $1000 lounge suite

Mohit Misra from Magnifix: 2x$450 Vouchers

Parent donors Tanaz/Minoo Signaporia, Goolu/Pauru Balsara, Rashna/Dorab Tata: $249 E-reader


Krishna Sharma

Navaz Karbhari 


Neville Wadia

Kairus Hansotia

Tanaz & Minoo Siganporia

Goolu Balsara

Rashna Tata

A very special thanks to Darius & Homai Karani of Exotica Enterprise for their generous donation of gifts and vouchers to all our sponsors, organizers and attendees of the raffle draw.

We look forward to your continued support at our future fundraisers.

Best regards,

The 6th WZYC Organising Committee


Date 13th December 2014
Event ZANZ Christmas Party for Children and Seniors with Fancy Dress Competition
Venue Te Tuhi, Social Room

It was a fun filled evening for all those who attended with kids and some seniors in their Fancy Dresses.

The evening started off with games.   Cookie Monster eating the Cookies was played by kids and seniors and they were overjoyed feeding the Monster and their tummies with Chocolates prizes. Then followed Musical Chairs which was also played sportingly (a pun) with merriment and was won by Khushnaz Masani.

After games, Santa came along cheering every one and giving out chocolates. Everyone had to guess who the Santa was and his name. Sincere thanks to Sohrab Irani for becoming fabulous cuddly Santa Claus and giving his time.

Santa judged the Fancy Dress Competition with …..

First prize was given to Khushnaz Masani for dressing up as Red Riding Hood with beautiful flowers and basket of fruits.

Second prize was given to Noshirwan Masani for dressing up as Meow, the Cat.

Third prize was given to Darian Irani for dressing up as Roaring Lion.

There was a Photo Booth where photos were clicked with Santa and props. Santa gave away gifts for all children along with Chocoletz donated by Benifer Irani and handmade by Faranak Irani.

Light refreshments were served. Everyone filled their tummies with delicious Sandwiches, Wafers, Samosas and drank cold drinks or juice. Seniors enjoyed their cup of Chai, which was all time favourite for them.

Thanks to Benifer Irani and Daliah Kermani for their kind donations towards this function and making it a successful, joyful celebrations for Seniors and Juniors !!

The party was so much fun and very well planned. The Organising Committee were excellent and very entertaining, games and other items were great, the food was sumptuous & we all had a super evening with our dear fellow Zarathushties.

Thanks to ZANZ for organising devotedly every year Christmas Party for one and all ages. Looking forward to next year’s Christmas Party with more fun, cheer and dhamaal.

ZANZ would like to wish you all and your families, safe and happy holidays and look forward to everyone returning reinvigorated for the coming year as Auckland will be projected to the world from downunder for WORLD ZOROASTRIAN YOUTH CONGRESS – 2015 !!

Merry Cherry and Joyful Christmas

Bright Prosperous and Happy New Year !!

Have a lovely X'mas !!

Fondest Wishes,

ZANZ Management Committee.



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