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Events - 2007

Date 24th February 2007
Event ZANZ Annual Picnic
Venue Long Bay
Description About 50 members got together to enjoy a lovely summers day amidst the surf and sand at Long Bay.

Date 21st March 2007
Event Navroze Celebrations
Venue Te-Tuhi The Mark
Description Evening jashan at Te-Tuhi The Mark followed by a Dinner & Dance function at the Howick Bowling Club. A lovely menu catered by our popular parsi chefs Hoshi & Maharukh Katki.

Date 5th and 6th May 2007
Event ZANZ two day seminar and lecture series held in Auckland in collaboration with WZO
Venue Pakuranga Community Hall
Description The Zarathushtrian Association of New Zealand, (ZANZ) in collaboration with WZO, organized a two day Seminar and Lecture series on the 5th and 6th of May, 2007 in Auckland.

Dina McIntyre and Farrokh Vajifdar , both extremely knowledgeable Zoroastrian scholars and famous speakers, were invited to conduct the lectures on the Zoroastrian Religion , History and Culture.

An extremely diverse range of topics were covered over 8 sessions encompassing various aspects of the religion.

Topics of great general interest such as, “ The Significance and meaning of the Yatha Ahu Vairyo Prayer”, “Harmony in Paradox” , “The Application of the Gathas in Today’s World” & “Zarathustra’s Puzzles” were well balanced with issues of great controversy such as “Conversion and Acceptance”, “Death and Disposal of the Dead” & “The Future of Zoroastrianism”.

The most fruitful part of this entire lecture tour, was the Special Youth Session that was organized for the youth of Auckland at the house of ZANZ President Rashna Tata's house.  Again no efforts had been spared by the traditional lot, to ensure that the youth stayed away.  However not only did the youth turn up in large numbers, they stayed talking with Farrokh and Dina till late at night, totally immersed in a most thought provoking and captivating debate, on various topics of interest to them. The energy and interaction that night was simply amazing.

Both Farrokh and Dina had nothing but praise for the high level of awareness and interest and thirst for knowledge, exhibited by our youth in New Zealand. They went so far as to mention, “The future of Zoroastrianism is in safe hands in New Zealand”.

Read Rashna D. Tata's Article in Hamazor

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Date May 2007
Event Fundraising for Khushru Mehta
Little Khushru Mehta of Auckland was born profoundly deaf in both ears and also diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder and had global developmental delay. In addition he also has a rare genetic disorder called DOOR syndrome, because of which he has under developed fingertips and nails, developmental delay and a recent history of seizures and the possibility of vision retardation in later life.
His only chance of hearing and having some normalcy in his life , was with a cochlear implant in both ears. The Public Health system in New Zealand initially dismissed his application, for the implants. After much perseverance, they finally approved funding for one implant and his parents would have to pay for the second one at a large financial cost.
Khushru's surgery was scheduled for May 2007. The implants were not the end of the road. He would require extensive follow up with audiology and habitation sessions after surgery. The only center offering a program for children like khushru in this part of the world was in Sydney, Australia. The family would also have to bear the cost of taking him to Sydney for this part of the treatment.
Khushru's mother Frian is unable to work ,as she is his main caregiver and he needs constant attention and his father Burzin is the only earning member. We were talking large sums of money and we needed to initiate massive fund raising in NZ and internationally.
A huge number of email appeals for help, were sent by ZANZ President Rashna Tata to every known Zoroastrian Association .
Press releases were also sent to all Zoroastrian Media. In a matter of days we were flooded with responses and both ZANZ and little Khushru was known to every Zarathustee Association of any significance.
Money and pledges started rolling in. Some Zarathustees of Sydney , who we would prefer to call "our angels of mercy", went so far as to make all arrangements for Khushru's stay in Sydney when he went there with his mother or his rehabilitation treatment , after his implant surgery in New Zealand.
WZO UK, individual Zarathustees of UK, FEZANA, Dastur Kutar Funds-UK, The Zoroastrian Association of Greater New York, The Hong Kong Anjuman and private donors in Hong kong, The Zoroastrian Association of Western Australia (ZAWA), The Zoroastrian Association of Sydney (AZA) & The Zoroastrian Association of Victoria (ZAV) and the Zoroastrian Association of Dubai and Singapore responded immediately. Many individuals from all over the world also sent in generous donations. ZANZ and the Zarathustees of New Zealand contributed generously. A special fundraising Nite was also organized in Auckland.
Today this little boy with the blessings of all his well wishers, is making slow but steady progress towards some semblance of a normal life. In fact with the constant progress requests from his well-wishers both here and abroad , a recent update has been provided by his mother Frian ,which was circulated by ZANZ to all our members and other international Zoroastrian Associations world wide. A number of Zarathustees all over the world have expressed a very keen desire to follow his progress. We can proudly state our efforts with little Khuru's put our little Association in far away New Zealand, on the international Zoroastrian map.
We at ZANZ are truly humbled by the response to our appeal. The generosity and goodness of our community knew no bounds and today we are indeed extremely happy to state that a very significant amount of approximately NZD $ 59,000 /- was raised by us. This money is being put to good use, as is evident from the progress being made by little Khusru's. Khusru has had his Cochlear implants in both ears and had been for his first rehabilitation session to Sydney last year. He is constantly undergoing treatment.
It is still a very long journey for this little boy, but there appears to be a bright light at the end of a long tunnel. He has even started going to a special school, a thought that seemed impossible just a year ago. The ZANZ Managing Committee cannot thank you all enough.

Date 16th June 2007
Event Fund Raising Nite
Venue Riverina School Hall
Description "Charity indeed begins at home"

Special Fund Raising Nite to raise money for little Khushru Mehta, was organised by his well wishers on the 16th of June at the Riverina School Hall & was attended by over 185 kind hearted and charitable people.

Bilkish Vazifdar and Simonil Karai organised the evening and some more large hearted individuals joined hands, to put up an evening of Great Entertainment and Fantastic Food. All proceeds from the ticket sales were given to the Mehta Family and all organizational & food costs were met completely by the generous well wishers. Three hilarious Parsi Nataks were performed and set the mood for the evening followed by some more dance items and vocal music.

The dinner was also cooked and catered for in-house to save costs, a fantastic effort. Additional funds were raised with a great auction session. The people present there that evening, were all there to help little Khushru and the auction fetched some great money.

It was an evening for a deserving cause and the lovely folk of Auckland rose to the occasion. A total amount of $6000/- was raised in that one evening and it was donated for Khushru's medical needs.

Frian & Burzin Mehta, Khushru's parents were also present and thanked the crowd and the people of Auckland profusely.

Date 30th June 2007
Event Annual General Meeting
Venue Te-Tuhi The Mark
Description Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to email you a copy of the AGM minutes. Kindly note, AGM minutes will be emailed to current ZANZ members only. 

Date 8th December 2007
Event Christmas Party
Venue Te-Tuhi The Mark
49 young Zarthusti children with parents and grand-parents in tow enthusiastically attended the evening and waited for Santa’s arrival.

The evening’s activities started with face painting, games, music, dancing and lots of delicious treats. Our female Santa, Anahita Gonda provided great entertainment and enjoyment to the kids.

A hoard of smiling kids went home after a thoroughly enjoyable evening already anticipating the next Christmas Party.

Date 31st December 2007
Event ZANZ New Year's Eve - "Angels & Devils"
Venue Te-Tuhi The Mark
Description The ZANZ New Years Eve Party - "Angles & Demons", was a great hit !! Take a look at the pictures. They tell many tales.

With a huge turnout of 195 people, the evening was a roaring success and was enjoyed by all who were there. The Managing Committee received some very positive feedback and we greatly appreciate your support.

Our regret to those who could not be accommodated, please do book early next time. A big hand to all the members who went to great lengths to abide by the Theme of the party.Some really amazing costumes !! Their enthusiasm was fantastic. There were some great prizes to be won and lots of games were played.

The Limbo Rock session produced some really cool moves .... boy our ZANZ crowd sure can ROCK !! Our sincere thanks to "DJ - M" .....none other than our very own Homai and Zubin Mistry for the great DJing . Their music set the right tone for the party.

The food from Rangoli was a real success and enjoyed by all. Our thanks to the Rangoli team of Boman and Rustom Najmi, for all their co-operation.

ZANZ most certainly brought in 2008 with a Big Bang !!
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