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Prayer Class Activities - 2008

Date Activities for the year 2008
Venue Te-Tuhi The Mark
Topics Covered 1. The Kusti
2. The Jashan Ceremony
3. Adar Roj Nu Parab
4. Afarganyu & Zoroastrian Saints
5. Shree Iranshah's journey
6. Bhika Behram Well in Mumbai
7. Amesha Spentas - The attributes of Ahuramazda
8. The creation story & how it can affect our daily life

Date 29th March 2008
Event Avan Mahino Ne Avan Roj
Venue Te-Tuhi The Mark
Description 19 children present at the prayer class were taught about Avan Yazad Nu Parab and asked to make charts from what they had heard and learnt. 10 children out of these 19 participated actively in the chart competition which they brought with them at the next prayer class on April 19th.

Creative minds were at work and can be seen in some of the prize winning charts shown below.

Always a difficult task for the judges but a decision this time was based on creativity and contents.

Natasha Thanawalla bagged the prize for Contents of the Chart and Delnaz Patrawalla walked away for the creativity bits put together in the chart.

Amongst the other participants were Anahita Mistry, Delnaz Thanawalla, Aafreen & Viraaf Mehta, Kayomi Patrawalla and Nairika Billiardmaker.

Date 17th May 2008
Event Jashan
Venue Te-Tuhi The Mark
Description The prayer class kids were asked to draw pictures of all necessary items needed for performing a jashan. Below are some of the pictures drawn by them. It is really applaudable.

Date 19th July 2008
Event ZANZ Prayer Class Annual Day
Venue Te-Tuhi The Mark
Description Come One Come All was the theme for the evening.

The prayer class has always been an integral part of ZANZ and in the past five years had grown in leaps and bounds. To celebrate all our achievements, we celebrated July 19th as the Annual Day.

The parents and children actively participated in the fund raising activity and the hall was full of food, fun and games. Parents were generous enough to get variety of goodies which sold like hot cakes. Children participated in games and there was fun all evening. The proceeds from that evening went to the prayer class whose vision is to have more cultural activities for the children attending the prayer class and make it a fun place for them in every way.

At all fortnights the children are reminded of they being Zarathushtis no matter which part of the world they live and also the three principles of Good Words (Humata), Good Thoughts (Hukhata) and Good Deeds (Huvarashta) all the time.

Date 9th August 2008
Event Bhikha Behram Well's Project
Venue Te-Tuhi The Mark
Description In the month of July, the children were taught about the Bhika Behram Well in Mumbai, India. They were then divided into three groups and asked to make the wells from cardboard and other scrap material. These were then displayed and presented by them. There were silent judges in the room who judged the projects based on their creativity and accuracy not forgetting how the teams presented them to the audience.

All teams had put in a lot of effort which was well applauded by everyone present in the room.

Winners were Team 'C' and the children representing the team were
Benifer Mody, Zeenia Irani, Aafreen Mehta, Viraaf Mehta and Freyana Kaikobadi

See pictures below of the wells made by our very own children.

Date 9th September 2008
Event Seven Amesha Spentas
Venue Te-Tuhi The Mark
Description The post Navjote children of the prayer class were caught by surprise on this day and were asked to identify the seven Amesha Spentas, draw them and write a line or two about them. All of this has been taught to them in the classes previously.

The smart and regular attendees did really very well.

Prizes were given to
Freyana Kaikobadi, Navzad Chhor, Delnaz Patrawalla and Jasmine Chhor for their good work. All children expressed their creativity and learning from the class very well.

Date 15th November 2008
Event Performing the Kusti Prayers
Venue Te-Tuhi The Mark
Description Hormaz Patel, our priest whose efforts always need to be appreciated in running the prayer classes decided to have a surprise 'Performing the Kusti Prayers' for the post Navjote group of the class.

11 children participated in this event and to keep the spirit lively, once again the committee gave away prizes to those who performed their Kusti prayers all well.

The winners were
Zeenia Irani, Sanaya Wadia and Viraaf Mehta.

Date 6th December 2008
Event Last Day of Prayer Class for 2008
Venue Te-Tuhi The Mark
2008 came and went and we at ZANZ had another successful year of prayer classes for the young and little Zarathushtis of Auckland.
This would not have been possible without the support of my committee members comprising of our pries, Hormaz Patel, Freny Khambatta, Mana Vajifdar and Shernaz Petigara. A big thankyou to all those parents who bring their children to the class and finally to all the children who we so love to teach them our beautiful religion. Last but not the least my husband and friends for all the moral support in different ways all the time.
To end the year on a wonderful note, we had prizes for various activities done in that year.

To begin with we had prizes to the following children for regular attendance in both the groups - Pre & Post Navjote

The winners in the pre navjote group were -
Lianna Anklesaria, and Mark Anklesaria

The winners in the post navjote group were -
Aafreen Mehta, Delnaz Thanawalla and Natasha Thanawalla

The second of the lot were the files displayed by the children for all the material given to them through out the year. They were judged by our Ms. Bakhtavar Rao for their creativity and neatness.

The winners were -
Sanaya Damania and Delnaz Patrawalla

The Bhika Behram Project which was done in August was presented again to the larger audience this year and had Group B as the winner this time.
The children in the group were -
Delnaz Patrawalla, Natasha Thanawalla, Delnaz Thanawalla, Kayomi Patrawalla and Sanaya Damania

The evening ended with children singing the Monajaat Prayers.

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