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Zoroastrian Roj and Mahino


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Dear Members and Fellow Zoroastrians,

The year 2016 issue of the ZANZ Newsletter 'What's Up BawaZ' is now available online. The newsletter also comes along this time with the Life Story of Lord Zarathushtra in Pictures.

Do enjoy reading the same.

Earlier Versions of 'What's Up BawaZ' can be viewed here:

  • What's Up BawaZ Volume 1 Issue 1: View
  • What's Up BawaZ Volume 2 Issue 1: View
  • What's Up BawaZ Volume 2 Issue 2: View
  • What's Up BawaZ Volume 2 Issue 3: View
  • What's Up BawaZ 2015 Issue 1: View
  • What's Up Bawaz 2015 Issue 2: View

Copies of the earlier ZANZ Newsletter 'ZANZ Gazette' can be accessed from here.

Kind Regards,

ZANZ Managing Committee

The ZANZ News Letter is a PDF document. You will need Adobe Reader to read the Newsletters. If you have not installed Adobe Reader on your computer yet, you can download and install it for FREE by clicking here.

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