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Events - 2015


Date 6th February 2015
Event  ZANZ Annual Sports Day
Venue Waka Aranga School Grounds

ZANZ proudly hosted All Parsis Athletic Meet (ZANZ Sports Day) on 6th February 2015 at Waka Aranga School Grounds. Participants, spectators, family and friends turned up to friendly competition on this day with great expectations and excitement. How fast can you run, Can you duck walk, How fast can you eat a biscuit, Can you balance a marble on a spoon and walk fast at the same time, Can you run on 3 legs and did the Youngsters (unmarried) beat the Oldies (Married) ? All questions were revealed at the Sports Ground.

Preparations began early in the morning from 8:00 a.m. onwards with the Committee members and volunteers working on the ground, measuring and creating lanes, for various races. Our Sports catered to various age groups from children under 6 years to Seniors 60 and above. A total number of 33 Races (not including heats) for various Aged Groups and another 6 races for Mixed events were conducted. 55 participants with their family and friends enjoyed the day and stayed put at the grounds until the prize giving ceremony. Every race had some friend or family cheering up their choice of participant(s).

ZANZ presented Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals which were donated by Benifer and Porus Irani in the age group events and Certificates were also presented with courtesy of Benifer and Porus Irani. In the mixed events we gave away chocolates. Results of each race are provided at the end of this write-up.

Two Rotating Shields donated by Porus and Benifer Irani for Men and Women Champions with most points were awarded as follows:

ZANZ All Parsis Athletic Meet - Women’s Champion – Freyana Kaikobadi                         

ZANZ All Parsis Athletic Meet – Men’s Champion – Sohrabh Badhniwalla 
This event took considerable time and effort to make it successful. Our volunteers deserve a big applause for their commitment and being on the feet from early morning and carrying on throughout the day. ZANZ Management committee would like to thank all volunteers for their contribution and support.

Our evergreen member Benifer Irani deserves a special mention in this article, and big thanks, for her unflinching commitment by encouraging many youngsters and seniors to participate in this event. Her unique style of calling participants for each race, announcing the rules, giving the start and then cheering up participants during the race enthralled everyone on the ground. Finally, thanks to Rushad Anklesaria for making the medals and embossing them.

Zoroastrian Youth of New Zealandwere present there with their food stalls serving delicious cutlets, fizzy drinks, chicken & chutney sandwiches. Everyone enjoyed the yummy food. We would also like to thank Daliah Kermani and all other volunteers who worked silently in the background.

We finally finished for the day at 6.00 p.m.

This event would not have been successful without the support of our members, friends, family and our dear community. This support and participation keeps this Management Committee challenged to host new and exciting events.

Regards, ZANZ Management Committee

The winners were as follows:

Race Medals
Gold Silver Bronze
Under 6 50m run Husrav Daruwalla Zahra Amrolia Darian Irani
eating the biscuit Zahra Amrolia Husrav Daruwalla Darian Irani
spade & pail race Husrav Daruwalla Zahra Amrolia Darian Irani
6 to 9 yrs 75m run Mirhan Kermani Jazmin Mistry Noshirwan Masani
50m back running Kayan Irani Mirhan Kermani Parmis Daruwalla
skipping race Kayan Irani Mirhan Kermani Jazmin Mistry
9 - 13 yrs boys 100m run Jehaan Rustomjee Kayan Irani ---
duck walk Jehaan Rustomjee Reanna Kaikobadi Kyra Damania
sack race Jehaan Rustomjee Kyra Damania Yasmin Bhadha
9 - 13 yrs girls 100m run Kyra Damania Thea Badhniwalla Yasmin Bhadha
duck walk --- --- ---
sack race --- --- ---
13 - 20 yrs   boys 100m run Sohrabh Badhniwalla Zain Desai Yeonghyeon Yu
obstacle race Yeonghyeon Yu Sohrabh Badhniwalla Jehangir Homavazir
50m one legged hopping Jehangir Homavazir Sohrabh Badhniwalla Zain Desai
13 - 20 yrs girls 100m run Freyana Kaikobadi Freya Desai Hufriya Kermani
obstacle race Sanaya Damania Hufriya Kermani Tanya Mehta
50m one legged hopping Freyana Kaikobadi Freya Desai Sanaya damania
20 - 40 yrs Men 100m run Merzi Amrolia Astad Kapadia Arzaan Marolia
craving for bun race Tinaz Karbhari Arzaan Marolia Jehangir Homavazir
50m one legged hopping Astad Kapadia Tinaz Karbhari ---
20 - 40 yrs Women 100m run --- --- ---
craving for bun race --- --- ---
50m one legged hopping --- --- ---
40-60 yrs Men

50m   run

Khushroo Daruwalla Percy Mehta Burzin Bhadha
marble & teaspoon   race Yazad Irani Percy Mehta Adil Damania
bucket race Khushroo Daruwalla Bilkish Vazifdar Zarin Sukhia
40 -60 yrs Women

50m   run

Bilkish Vazifdar Kerry Damania Zarin Sukhia
marble & teaspoon   race Kerry Damania Bilkish Vazifdar Zarin Sukhia
bucket race --- --- ---
Seniors 50m walking race Thrity Kotwal Mani Seervai Afriz Solina
bursting the balloon Afriz Solina Thrity Kotwal Mani Seervai
marble & teaspoon   race Thrity Kotwal Afriz Solina Dilnavaz Munshi
Mixed Events three-legged   race

Bilkish   Vazifdar

Zarin   Sukhia

Tanya   Mehta

Freyana   Kaikobadi

Yeonghyeon   Yu

Sewgmin   Cho

piggy-back   race

Khushroo   Daruwalla

Parmis   Daruwalla

Cyrus   Daji

Jazmin   Mistry

Percy   Mehta

Aliza   Mehta

wheelbarrow   race

Merzi   Amrolia

Cyrus   Daji

Carl   Shroff

Zain   Desai

Freyana   Kaikobadi

Sanaya   Damania

4 x   100m mixed relay

Sohrabh   Badhniwalla

Tinaz   Karbhari

Cyrus   Daji

Zubin   Bhathena

Kyra   Damania

Zain   Desai

Carl   Shroff

Jehangir   Homavair

Thea   Badhniwalla

Yasmin   Bhadha

Merzi   Amrolia

Freyana   Kaikobadi

Bilkish   Vazifdar

Percy   Mehta

Hufriya   Kermani

slow   cycling race Zubin   Bhathena Yazad   Irani Jehaan   Rustomjee

Married   v/s Unmarried




Date 21st March 2015
Event ZANZ Navroze Jashan
Venue Te Tuhi Social Room
Description Jamshedi Navroze Jashan was held @ Te Tuhi, 13 Reeves Road, Pakuranga – Social Room at 4.00pm on Friday 21st of March.

Total 11 dasturs prayed in unison.

Ervad Viraf Fatakia & Ervad Jamsheed Tata lead the jashan along with Ervad Khushroo Master, Ervad Vaspan Raimalwala, Ervad Perzan Mehta, Ervad Burzin
Fatakia, Ervad Karan Bhandari, Ervad Navzad Chhor, Ervad Zariab Karkaria, Ervad Freddy Dastur & Ervad Bakhtiyar Engineer.

We sincerely thank all those who made donations of sev, ravo, malido, mevo, papri & bhakhra and also, to those who donated monetarily.

It was heartwarming to see our community gather together for our religious ceremony.

Fondest Wishes,

ZANZ Management Committee.




Date 21st March 2015 
Event ZANZ Academic Scholarship Presentation
Venue Te Tuhi Social Room

The ZANZ Scholarship Committee was highly impressed with the quality of the various applications received this year which made it difficult for the committee members to come to a decision.

Navzad Chhor was awarded the ZANZ Academic Scholarship for 2015 owing to his success with excellence in the 2014 NCEA examinations. He has been making an important contribution to the Zarathushtrian community of NZ as an ordained priest by participating in Jashans.

Navzad impressed the committee as being a well-focused and dedicated youth with a positive attitude. He has shown empathy for the lesser privileged in our society as evident in his involvement with Cancer Society and Relay for Life.

Navzad was presented the 2015 ZANZ Academic Scholarship Award certificate and cheque for $1000 at the ZANZ Navroze Jashan on 21st March 2015.

The ZANZ Committee and Scholarship Committee along with the members of the New Zealand Zoroastrian community congratulate Navzad and wish him many more successes in life.




Date 20th June 2015
Venue Te Tuhi Social Room
Description The minutes of the ZANZ AGM can be obtained by emailing the ZANZ committee on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Kindly note, the meeting minutes will be emailed / distributed to ZANZ members only.


Date 18th August 2015
Event ZANZ Parsi New Year Jashan
Venue Bucklands Beach War Memorial Hall
Description Firstly would like to THANK Lord Ahura Mazda for his blessings upon us !!

It was a heart-warming sight to watch our fast expanding Zoroastrian community in Auckland who come together in large numbers, every year, for ZANZ Parsi New Year Jashan Ceremony which was held on Tuesday, 18th August 2015 @ Bucklands Beach War Memorial Hall, 1 Wharf Road, Bucklands Beach, Auckland between 4 p.m. till 7 p.m. followed by Chasni (sev, ravo, malido, mevo papri, fruits and dry fruits).

Approx. 103 devoted Zarathushties attended and 8 Dasturjis graced the Jashan ceremony which now a lot of young and dedicated priests attend our prayer ceremonies and also to see new members of the community who have recently immigrated being warmly welcomed by the community at large on these festive occasions.

Ervad Viraf Fatakia, aprah Vada Dasturji and Ervad Jamsheed Tata lead the Jashan ceremony alongwith Ervad Khushroo Master, Ervad Jehan Balsara, Ervad Navzad Chhor, Ervad Zairab Karkaria, Ervad Bakhtiyar Engineer, Ervad Behzad Karkaria.

We sincerely thank all those who made donations of Chasni and also to those who donated monetarily.

A community that prays and eats together, stays together.

Fondest Wishes and Ushta Te,
Yazdan Panabaad,
ZANZ Executive Management Committee.




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