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Prayer Class Activities - 2006

Date 2006
Venue Te-Tuhi The Mark
Topics Covered 1. Power of prayers
2. Din No Kalmo
3. Booklet on Zarathushtra {Pre-Navjote}
4. Sarosh Baj [With meanings]
5. Ahmai raeshcha, Hazangheream [With meanings]
6. 33 Angels of Ahura Mazda
7. Naman - compilation of songs in praise of Ahura Mazda
8. Song - Ashem Vohu teaches us and Jasme Avanghe Mazda
9. Youth Anthem
10. Let there be light
11. Say your prayers daily

Date 26th August 2006
Event Khordad Saal
Venue Te-Tuhi The Mark
Description The Children at the ZANZ Prayer class put together a compilation of two holy songs in praise of Ahura Mazda, Prophet Zarathushtra followed by a spectacular Play on the meaning of Navjote, and what The Sudreh & The Kusti stand for. All children put in hours of hard practice and the show was a hit, well applauded for by all the audience gathered for the evening.

Date 18th November 2006
Event Annual Day
Venue Te-Tuhi The Mark
Description ZANZ has been conducting prayer classes year after year and they have been extremely successful and well attended. Our sincere thanks to our priests Hormazd Patel & Freddie Gonda, who have given their valuable time and efforts to the community and its children.

The major highlights of 2006 were the “Navroze Table” competition and the skit on Navjote & the Importance of Sudreh & Kusti performed by the children of the prayer class.

The Annual Speech Competition was a great success, and 45 enthusiastic young Zarathustis took part and spoke on various topics, learnt in the prayer class during the whole year. The evening was well attended by parents and there were prizes for the winners and all participants.

We would also like to acknowledge all the generous donors, who contributed by way of financial donations to keep the prayer class going.

Throughout the year various topics of great religious interest such as the Power of Prayers, Sarosh Baaj and other Basic Prayers with their meanings, the importance of our twelve months of the year etc.

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