Zarathushtrian Association

of New Zealand

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Zoroastrian Roj and Mahino


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President's Message

Thank you everyone for answering the survey we sent out for your feedback about the events we have been organising for the community. This committee plans to do more events in future that can bring the whole community together, so we can catch up with old friends and make new ones.

We, as a committee, are very happy with the great response to our next get together in December, which we have very thoughtfully planned for you all to have a really good time. Consider this a celebration to honour all the co-operation you extended towards the Youth Congress that ZANZ hosted at the beginning of this year. We thank all of you who are offering to contribute to this event as sponsors and helpers.

Best Wishes to you all for the New Year and may our community always prosper.

Dilshad Shroff

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