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Zoroastrian Roj and Mahino


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Past Committees

The ZANZ committee comprises of 5-7 elected members who are currently ordinary or life members of the organisation. The work done by these members as part of the committee, is completely voluntary. As such it pays to recognise the efforts of the various committees over the years, whose hard work is what has made ZANZ what it is today.
If you do find any discrepancies or errors, please feel free to email us the changes to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Also where there have been more than one person in a particular position within a committee term, both the names will be specified in the order of the period they occupied the chair.

Committee Terms:

1996 - 1998
President: Yazdi Mistry
Vice-President: Godrej Engineer
Treasurer: Benaifer Behdin
Secretary: Kersi Daruwalla
Committee Members: Darius Mistry, Bilkish Vazifdar, Tehmus Mistry

1998 - 2000

President: Yazdi Mistry
Vice-President: Darius Mistry
Treasurer: Zarir Choksy
Secretary: Kersi Daruwalla
Committee Members: Godrej Engineer, Bilkish Vazifdar, Tehmus Mistry
Co-opted Members: Dolly Shahlori, Freny Khambatta, Rustom Dubash

2000 - 2001

President: Zarir Choksy
Vice-President: Rustom Dubash
Treasurer: Zarir Choksy
Assistant Treasurer: Armin Wadia
Secretary: Jarafshan Mistry
Committee Members: Freny Khambata, Daulat Shahlori, Yazdi Mistry
Co-opted Members: Jal Mehta, Porus Dumasia

2001 - 2003
President: Tehmus Mistry
Vice-President: Jal Mehta
Treasurer: Nash Vazifdar / Roshni Daruwalla
Secretary: Porous Dumasia / Benifer Irani
Committee Members: Freny Khambata, Daulat Shahlori, Aspi Ustad
Co-opted Members: Benifer Irani, Roshni Daruwalla

2003 - 2005

President: Rashna Tata
Vice-President: Cherag Daruwalla
Treasurer: Yasmin Katki
Secretary: Shernaz Petigara
Committee Members: Nasreen Dubash, Kaiwan Mevawalla, Jazeel Mistry
Co-opted Members: Becky Engineer, Merzin Ghadiali

2005 - 2007

President: Rashna Tata
Vice-President: Cherag Daruwalla
Treasurer: Yasmin Katki
Secretary: Tanaz Siganporia
Committee Members: Riaz Dadabhoy, Jazeel Mistry, Merzin Ghadiali
Co-opted Members: Minoo Arsiwalla, Shernaz Petigara

2007 - 2009

President: Rashna Tata
Vice-President: Shernaz Petigara
Treasurer: Yasmin Katki
Secretary: Minoo Arsiwalla
Committee Members: Riaz Dadabhoy, Merzin Ghadiali
Co-opted Members: Parizad Dantra

2009 - 2011

President: Jarafshan Mistry
Vice-President: Minoo Siganporia
Treasurer: Roshni Daruwalla
Secretary: Kairus Hansotia
Committee Members: Paeterasp Vevaina, Anahita Aspar / Ferzin Irani, Cherag Daruwalla

2011 - 2013

President: Jarafshan Mistry
Vice-President: Dilshad Shroff
Treasurer: Roshni Daruwalla
Secretary: Delzin Balsara
Committee Member: Anaheeta Sethna


President:  Paeterasp Vevaina  / Dilshad Shroff
Vice-President: Dilshad Shroff / Benifer Behdin
Treasurer:  Roshni Daruwalla
Secretary: Anaheeta Sethna / Faranak Kabir
Committee Member: Benifer Irani, Faranak Kabir, Pervin Medhora / Cherag Daruwalla


President: Dilshad Shroff
Vice-President: Benifer Behdin
Treasurer: Benifer Irani / Roshni Daruwalla
Secretary: Faranak Kabir
Committee Member: Cherag Daruwalla, Daliah Kermani







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