Zarathushtrian Association

of New Zealand

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Zoroastrian Roj and Mahino


Upcoming Activities

ZANZ Prayer Class
16 Dec 201704:30PM - 05:45PM
ZANZ Prayer Class
16 Dec 201704:30PM - 05:45PM
Seniors Coffee Group Meeting
17 Dec 201710:00AM - 12:00PM

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Baname Khuda, Baname Yazad, we the ZARATHUSHTRIANS of New Zealand aspiring to preserve and foster the rich, religious, cultural, social and historical heritage of our forefathers. Having decided that this may be best achieved through united action, strength and resources, have therefore created this Association as a primary nucleus to execute and promote these and other objectives set forth in the attached constitution.

Click here to view the Constitution                                       Click here to download the Constitution

The ZANZ Constitution is a PDF document. You will need Adobe Reader to read the Constitution. If you have not installed Adobe Reader on your computer yet, you can download and install it for FREE by clicking here.

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