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Events - 2008

Date 23rd February 2008
Event ZANZ Bowling Nite
Venue Panmure Super Bowl
The ZANZ Bowling Nite on 23rd February 2008 was organised on the request of many members, who had thoroughly enjoyed the previous one. It is an event where the participants range from 6 years to 75 years,with every one having an absolutely good time, as was the case this year as well..

Lots of excitement, some nerve racking moments between the various teams and some really keen competition for some really good individual players as well !!

The Managing Committee sincerely thanked Tanaz Siganporia who helped the Comm. in organizing this evening.

The Individual Prize winners were:-

Children's Category
Arzan Todywalla - First Prize
Freyan Sopariwala - Second Prize

Women's Category
Parizad Dantra - First Prize
Arnawaz Bharucha - Second Prize

Men's Category
Piran Tata - First Prize
Minoo Arsiwalla - Second Prize


Date 21st March 2008
Event ZANZ Navroze Jashan
Venue Pakuranga Community Hall
Description The auspicious day of Navroze - 21st March 2008, was indeed a special day for the Zarathustees of Auckland & a very eventful day in the ZANZ calendar.

14 priests, young and old, took part in our Jashan ceremony with a record crowd of over 275 devotees.

The hall was packed to capacity and the Zarathustees present there were delighted to be a part of a community that rejoices in their "parsipanu".

A special thanks to all our priests - we are indeed blessed in having such a large number of priests in this far part of the world, in the face of such shortage all over the world.

The ZANZ Managing Committee took this opportunity to thank our priests-
Viraf Fatakia, Freddy Gonda, Hormuz Patel, Khusroo Master, Farzan Rao,Rishad Katki, Perzaan Mehta, Jehan Bulsara, Riyasp Bhandari, Karan Bhandari, Darian Shalori & Navzad Chhor .

A special vote of thanks to all our donors for their very generous donations of a total $488 /-, and also to all those who made their contributions of rawa, malida, sev, fruits and sukhar.

Our special thanks, to all the little children of the ZANZ prayer class for delighting us with their lovely religious song performance.

A big thank you to all the other members who came forward to help the Committee.


Date 21st March 2008
Event ZANZ Housie and Dinner
Venue Rangoli Restaurant - Ti Rakau Drive
Description A great evening of housie and dance and dinner. The function was enjoyed by all there. The excellent food provided by the restaurant was a big hit.

Date 29th March 2008
Event ZANZ Vollyball and Throwball Competition
Venue Lloyd Ellsmore Park - Volleyball Courts
The sand courts at the Llyod Ellsmore vibrated with loud & frequent cheering in Gujarati, interspersed with the good natured occasional 'bawaji' swear words of course !!

There was no mistaking that this was true Parsi sports at its very best.
"A well balanced combination of Ramwanu and Jamwanu indeed".

The very well deserved overall winners were:

  • Finals - Volleyball First Prize - Gold Medal winners were " Team JER BAUG"

Bilkish Vazifdar, Minoo Master, Shahanoor Contractor, Zubin Mistry, Taimur Badhniwala & Mahiyar Katila

  • Finals - Volleyball Second Prize - Silver Medal winners were " Team NAVROZE BAUG"

Adil Sarkari, Adil Kapadia, Tehmus Mistry, Firdosh Homavazir, Percy Mehta & Xerxes Sukhia

  • Girls Throwball - Gold Medal winners were " Team CAPTAIN COLONY"

Yasmin Katki, Armin Mehta, Diana Master, Arnaz Master, Armaity Wadia, Pervin Fatakia, Delnaz Ghadiali, Shernaz Hajati & Ava Damania

  • Best Player - Male Senior Trophy- Adil Sarkari
  • Best Player - Male Junior Trophy - Shahvir Irani
  • Best Player - Female Senior Trophy - Jarafshan Mistry
  • Best Player - Female Junior Trophy - Aneeza Mistry

Special Prizes were also given to
  • Best Upcoming player - Xerxes Sukhia
  • Special Sportsmanship prize to our senior most player - Kersie Khambatta

A special word of praise for our lady player Bilkish Vazifdar, who was a match for every male there and played every game and was in the winning volleyball team as well !!

A special word of thanks to our very 'fearless' Refree - Neville Wadia, who remained unmoved by all the attempts of well intended cajoling. His word was the law !!

Also a very big Thank You to our members Farzana & Rushad Anklesaria, for donating all the medals for this event. Their large heartiness is truly appreciated and ZANZ is indeed very grateful for their kind support.

This whole event would never have got off the ground and culminated into being such a great success, without the tireless efforts of our three main volunteer organizers - Shahazad Contractor, Firdosh Homavazir and Zubin Mistry.

The ZANZ Managing Committee would like to take this opportunity, to thank them profusely for all their hard work and efforts.

Date 28th June 2008
Event ZANZ Annual General Body Meeting
Venue Te-Tuhi The Mark
Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to obtain a copy of the AGM minutes. Kindly note, AGM minutes will be emailed to current ZANZ members only.

Date 19th July 2008
Event ZANZ Fun and Frolic Day
Venue Te-Tuhi The Mark
$ 1250 /- collected in two hours.

We exceeded our own expectations. This money will be put to good use for the activities of the Prayer class. The ZANZ Managing Committee takes this opportunity to thank all the ZANZ members & Prayer Class parents and all others involved in this successful event. Your collective time, effort and contributions made this evening a big hit. We are enormously grateful to all those who donated both food, money and efforts so generously.

Thank you to all of you ,who came in such large numbers. We are sure you had a good time. Your feedback has been appreciated. A very special thank you to Viraf & Pearl Todywalla and the students & parents of the V4U Dance Studio for their very important contribution in making this evening a success.

Lastly a big thank you to all the little children of the Prayer class for their enthusiasm and energy and their interest in the welfare of their prayer class.

Date 2nd August 2008
Event ZANZ members met the LABOUR Party
Venue Te-Tuhi The Mark
Description Attended by -
  • Hon Minister Chris Carter,
  • Dr Ashraf Choudhary - Labour MP,
  • Mr Koro Tawa - Labour candidate from Botany,
  • Ms Carole Beaumont - Labour Candidate from Maungakiekie,
  • Mr Jeet Sachdev - Labour member.

We have received some excellent feedback from the Labour party representatives who addressed the meeting.

They were delighted to have had the opportunity to address our community and get to know us better. The active participation of the 95 people present there on that day was found to be very impressive by them. They highly appreciate the efforts made by the ZANZ Mg Comm .for having provided them with this forum and in fact wish other communities would also make similar efforts !!

They have remarked "The Zoroastrian community is obviously an extremely intelligent community." The presentation made by ZANZ with regards to, 'Who we are and where we came from, our Religion, Culture and its background' and the other insights provided by us was found to be very educative and highly appreciated by them. Some of them in fact stated, that they had never heard about us before and hence found this meeting very informative in getting to know more about us. They are impressed by the strides made by our community in New Zealand. They have also expressed ,that they have taken our issues on board and will look at concrete measures to address them. They have enjoyed the very healthy debate they had with our members.

The high level of awareness in the community, was noticed and appreciated. The performance put up by our children on that day was found to be remarkable and in fact Minister Chris Carter has expressed a keen desire for us to forward the art work done at the prayer class to him as well.

It was most certainly a "proud first" for our community and this managing committee to get a Government Minister and other MPs to actually visit our Association and also have a 'one on one' forum with them.


Date 16th August 2008
Event ZANZ Members met the NATIONAL Party
Venue Te-Tuhi The Mark
Attended by -
  • Mr. Maurice Williamson MP,
  • Pansy Wong - Candidate from Botany,
  • Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi - Candidate from Manukau East,
  • Jill Spooner - National Party Coordinator for Manukau.

We are delighted with the excellent feedback received from both National and Labour who have appreciated the opportunity to meet and learn more about our community. ZANZ members who came for these meetings have welcomed and appreciated the initiative taken by this managing committee.

The meeting yesterday with National was one that was immensely educative, informative and enjoyable and we hope to have many more similar sessions in future. We have made a small beginning in bringing our Community into the limelight and hope to take this to the next level in future.


Date 24th August 2008
Event Khordad Saal and Lunch
Venue Te-Tuhi The Mark
It was a lovely event with a well attended Jashan as usual and an absolutely delicious traditional lunch catered by our popular - Hosi and Maharukh Katki.

We thank all our Dastoors, young and old for their services and all those who graced the occasion. A big thank you to the Katki's for another great meal and the support they give ZANZ .

A very big thank you to our very generous anonymous donors for their financial contributions, they give so generously at all our jashans.

May we as a community have many more similar delightful events.


Date 29th November 2008
Event ZANZ Christmas Party
Venue Te-Tuhi The Mark
Another well enjoyed ZANZ Christmas Party on the 29th of November.

Look at the happy faces in the pictures. Over 50 children attended the party. Hector the Clown provided some funny moments and had the children screaming for more.

The food was good and enjoyed by both children and parents. An absolute sugar rush !! Our Santa was a real big hit and a big thank you to Anahita Gonda from all of us at ZANZ for bringing Santa alive.

We also thank Paricheher Contractor for her lovely Face Painting, which is well enjoyed by the kids. A special thank you to the parents and members who contributed the food and goodies.

Date 31st December 2008
Event ZANZ Masquerade Ball
Venue Howick Bowling Club
Description The effort made by all to adhere to the theme of the party was fantastic.

Some very imaginative & dressy outfits there that day, all in an effort to win the Best Theme Prize. Special mention must be made of the Khambatta family winning three of the best dressed prizes.

Loads of fun, games, good food and good music all evening.

The special menu by Rangoli Restaurant was excellent.

The New Year was brought in with great gusto and merriment we hope all our Members have a good year.

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